Proof of Practice (PoP)

  • September 24, 2019

Iuricorn Ltd is a rather new legal-advisory firm. It was founded in February 2018. It was founded by Mina Kržišnik, a commercial and corporate lawyer, from international Master’s degree and with 15-years of experience in commercial, company and also technology law. She worked as an attorney as well as an in-house lawyer. Eventually, her passion for IT and digitization prevailed and brought her into the world of new technologies and their challenges. Her story goes a few years before that when she received her first Bitcoin from a friend (into a wallet that does not exist anymore). She said, she was “smitten” by this new invention and mostly by the phenomenon of smart contracts. Soon after and she was putting all her efforts (and money too) to learn how to trade and how the technology could be used to ease our lives and our businesses.

She has worked with many projects since then, first as a hobby (and for tokens in return, of course), but the demand for a legal advisor with the knowledge of the technology grew exponentially. So, here we are today, with precious experience of many bull and bear trends (in prices, development, ICOs, etc.). We named this valuable experience a “proof of practice” or “PoP”. It is a term that, we believe has not yet been introduced this way, but should become an industry standard (at least) for legal firms working in the field of digital law.

We believe that IURICORN has proven itself to satisfy this standard by many successful projects we cooperate(d) with. We have gained precious knowledge and experience not only by advising to those project “from afar”, but being a part of their teams and learning about the specifics of each compartment of those projects. Be it legal, business development, technical development, marketing and pr, website, you name it – we have seen much and many. And this is the meaning of the Proof-of-practice, we believe. This is what helps us significantly to be agile, creative and determined in our solutions.

The knowledge we possess is based on strong and deep relationships with the projects and comes from the different “databases” – if we may call it like this. We were / are working closely with crypto exchangesICO’s (initial coin offerings), STO’s (security token offerings), investment, fund management and trading platforms, all sorts of projects with all sorts of utility tokens, and also some other, less technology-oriented business models that wish to explore the field and possibly optimize their business processes. On top of this repertoire, we add the knowledge of international commerce, corporate law, and corporate governance, which perfectly completes the competence of a lawyer of this kind.

Of course, there are many many things yet to be learned and many things are yet to be changed, for that matter. And this is something that drives us forward and we welcome all the upcoming challenges of this business.

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