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The first step in every online service, be it selling goods or services, globally or within your country, is to make certain rules of your online service and make sure you remain compliant with all the consumer protection, GDPR, financial and other regulations.

If you and online service selling products, an online service provider, having a matching platform such as AirBnb or Tinder, online crypto exchange, a web store, a trading platform, a booking service or any other similar online service, you are going to need a fully-compliant terms and conditions, which you need in order to operate, accept online payments using different payment methods and generate customers’ personal details.

The terms and conditions are binding documents, which are binding for you and for your customer, and normally include provisions about the terms of service, payment and payment methods, shipping, return policy, guarantees and warranties, liability and limitation, intellectual property rights, dispute resolution, personal data processing and ownership and much more. 

Document that we provide you are fully compliant with the consumer, GDPR, financial and other applicable EU and national laws.

For every purchase, you also get a 20-minute call, which you can use to adjust and finalize the documents so they fit your needs 100%.

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Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy

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Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy


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