Driven by outcome and success, our law firm is for the individuals, the entrepreneurs and the corporates looking for counsel they can trust. Iuricorn is a law firm determined to provide a better way for clients to engage with lawyers. We work as a part of our client’s team, providing strategic advice and proactively managing their daily legal requirements. This gives our clients the opportunity to partner with lawyers of substance who are totally committed to their business’ success.

Our legal and technological knowledge and experience give us the ability to interpret legal issues from a new digital perspective. We are being open minded and receptive to new concepts, eager to constantly learn and upskill as newer digital tools and technologies spread through the legal sphere. 

We offer to our clients fast, creative, simple, professional and prompt legal solutions.


We dare to make a difference.

We are international


Iuricorn serves clients from all over the world. The team is from Slovenia and focuses on European Union law, however we actively learn, make new acquaintances and expand our network. We also joined Estonian e-residency system which allows us to run Estonian-based company completely on remote. We cooperate with lawyers worldwide and are actively expanding the team of our experts. This way we can satisfy the legal need of our clients worldwide.



Estonian e-residency

Enables us to help opening and running (including bookkeeping and audits) a company in Estonia for our clients on remote, withou our physical presence there.

State Bar Exam

Enables us to represent you before Slovenian and European court.

Certificate of competence for members of supervisory and mamagement boards

Enables us to advise you on a corporate governance issues and participate in management and supervisory boards in corporation of any size.

Mediation license

Enables us to help you resolve your disputes through a form of alternative dispute resolution method, where a mediator helps parties reach agreement about the matter in question. The mediation is used in commercial, labour, civil, property and familiy matters.

Representative in trademark and design matters

Enables us to represent you before the national or international intellectual property offices and process application and registration for a trademark or design on behalf of our clients.

Food safety law certificate

Enables us to fully understand the regulatory principles and procedures for food production companies, retailers, novel food production, CBD and hemp regulation, and tokenization of food chain and products.


Awesome Team

Our team consists of lawyers, attorneys, financial and commercial experts, pr and marketing, blockchain experts, and much more. We are always looking for new professionals and digital law enthusiasts who will bring fresh ideas and knowledge to this digital law era.

Mina Kržišnik, LL.M.
Fintech Lawyer

CEO & Founder

Jure Pirc
Blockchain advocate & tech advisor
Petra Janželj
Attorney at law
Ema Kržišnik
Business development
Zala Kržišnik
PR & Marketing

Mina is a legal professional with a great knowledge and experience in crypto sphere, GDPR and compliance. She undertakes every job, project or task with great enthusiasm and responsibility. She is definitely a great asset for every business or project.

Jaka Erjavec
Head of systems and technology Studio Moderna, LLC

We have been actively working with Mina since the beginning of 2018. She is very professional, reliable, yet creative in the search for legal solutions and strategies, always thinking 10 steps ahead. She is always on time and does not miss any deadlines, and herthe legal advice can always be 100% relied upon. She is different than other lawyers in her passion for work and her close cooperation with thea client is highly appreciated. She will find not only to find not only the best legal solution but also the best business direction for your project.

Silvo Rezec
Head of the Slovenian branch - KaratBars Edelmetall GmbH

Competent and professional partners are an essential component of a successful business. Mina is without a doubt one of them. My statement would be unfair if I did not mention her dedication to work, engagement and thinking beyond the average. Mina is not just a lawyer, Mina is an asset for the company.

Denis Markun
Founder & business developer - Highwater Ltd.

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