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A.    Subscription Terms

Iuricorn provides You with access to regulation, guidelines, research papers, whitepapers, offering documents, opinions, guidelines, eBooks, audiobooks, articles, and other content gathered from different public sources (“Subscription Content”) by means of a Subscription (“Subscription”), under which Iuricorn grants You a limited, nonexclusive, nontransferable, revocable and personal license to access and use all Subscription Content available under Your Subscription for Your personal entertainment and informational purposes. Your Subscription is separate and distinct from other services, unless expressly provided so in the Terms of Use or these Terms.

Library. It is a database, created by Iuricorn and consists of a copyright content of third party authors. Neither Library and its components nor the content shall be copied, reproduced or otherwise used for any other kind of reason than purely for informational, educational and research reasons.

You may continue to use your Subscription from the day of purchase of the Subscription to the day of expiration, as defined on the website in the purchase order,  and/or Invoice. The terms “Subscription,” “Subscription Membership,” and “Membership” apply to any paid subscription that allows Account holders to access Subscription Content.

Restrictions. Your access to and use of the Subscription Content is subject to the following restrictions:

    1. Subscription Content is provided for Your personal non-commercial use only via Iuricorn website, Iuricorn Google Drive folder or other Iuricorn’s interface if defined so;
    2. You may not use Subscription Content for any commercial or promotional use;
    3. You may not sell or distribute Subscription Content;
    4. You may not share, lend, or rent copies of Subscription Content;
    5. You may not disable or circumvent Digital Rights Management (DRM) supplied with Subscription Content;
    6. You may not exceed usage limitations set by Iuricorn or content providers (participating publisher or User), if there are any;
    7. You may not make copies or downloads of all or any portion of any Subscription Content, if not expressly provided so herein;
    8. You may not make a public display or performance of Subscription Content;
    9. You may not share accounts that allow access to Subscription Content, if expressly stated so for a particular content.

In addition to the foregoing, Your access to the Subscription is conditioned upon timely payment of Your Subscription; and You will not have access to Subscription Content if Your Subscription is cancelled, allowed to lapse, or terminated for non-payment. You will have to provide Iuricorn with your e-mail address, which will give you the access to the Library. You will not have the access to the Library with any other e-mail.

Your subscription entitles you to access an unlimited number of content in the Library during the subscription period. Some Subscription Content may not be immediately available to the small percentage of users that consume an unusually high volume of Subscription Content. Iuricorn reserves and shall have the right in its sole discretion to add, modify, withdraw, or delay, at any time, any particular Subscription Content from access by You for any reason including, without limitation, based on the costs generated to Iuricorn by such content or the nature of Your use of the website. Iuricorn makes no guarantee as to the availability of specific titles or the timing of their availability.

Payments and Billing

    1. Fees, charges, and any materially different terms from those described to you in these Terms will be disclosed to you at sign-up or in other communications made available to you. When You purchase a Subscription (such purchase, a “Transaction”), we may ask You to supply additional information relevant to Your Transaction, including, without limitation, Your credit card number, the expiration date of Your credit card and Your billing address (such information, “Payment Information”). You represent and warrant that You have the legal right to use all payment method(s) represented by any such Payment Information. When You initiate a Transaction, You authorize us to provide Your Payment Information to third parties so we can complete Your Transaction and to charge Your payment method for the type of Transaction You have selected; You may need to provide additional information to verify Your identity before completing Your Transaction (such information is included within the definition of Payment Information).
    2. If You elect to purchase a Subscription, You will be charged the annual or monthly Subscription fee (“Subscription Fee”) at the beginning of the paying portion of Your Subscription and each year or month thereafter, respectively, at the then-current rate. If You elect to purchase an annual Subscription, we will not automatically charge You on the anniversary of the commencement of the paying portion of Your Subscription but will notify you about the expiration of the Subscription and sent you an Invoice. If You pay the Invoice, your subscription will be extended (renewed). In the event Your Subscription began on a day not contained in a given month, we may charge Your payment method on a day in the applicable month or such other day as we deem appropriate.
    3. By entering into the Terms and electing to purchase a Subscription, You acknowledge that Your Subscription has recurring payment features and You accept responsibility for all recurring payment obligations prior to cancellation of Your Subscription by You or Scribd. We may also periodically authorize Your payment method in anticipation of applicable fees or related charges. Your Subscription continues until cancelled by You or we terminate Your access to, or use of, the Services or the Subscription in accordance with these Terms (and the General Terms of Use which forms part of these Terms).

Refunds. All fees and charges are nonrefundable and there are no refunds or credits, except as expressly stated otherwise herein. In certain cases, if there is a defect in any Subscription Content, you may receive a replacement rather than a refund. Iuricorn will not refund Subscription Fees, either in full or in part, when a Subscription is cancelled or terminated, or if a part of the Library content is removed.

Cancellation of Subscriptions. You may cancel Your Subscription by submitting cancellation request to [email protected]. Note, that in case of payment, the subscription is non-refundable. In case of cancellation, we will cancel your access to the Library. You will be responsible for all Subscription Fees (plus any applicable taxes and/or other charges) incurred before the effective date of your cancellation. Your cancellation will be processed immediately, but Iuricorn will allow You to access the Subscription Content until the most recently paid-up Subscription period ends, and then will terminate Your access to Subscription Content, including any Subscription Content. Cancelling Your Subscription will not cancel your other purchased services. You will continue to be able to access such Subscription Content after cancelling Your Subscription.

You agree that Iuricorn may not give you access to the Library or terminate Your Subscription for non-payment of Subscription Fees.

Removal of Content. Iuricorn reserves the right to modify or withdraw at any time any Subscription Content from access by You for any reason and without obligation to refund you any amount of Subscription fee.

Term and Termination. These Terms begin on the date on which You accept its terms and continue until terminated. We may terminate these Terms (including Your subscription), or suspend or terminate the Services, with or without cause, at any time and without notice to You. Please refer to the Terms of Use for additional terms applicable to the cancellation or termination of Your account. Upon any cancellation or termination of these Terms and/or Your account, the rights and licenses granted to You under these Terms will automatically terminate. This means that, among other things, You will no longer have access to Subscription Content.

B.    Booking Appointment Terms

Iuricorn provides You with an opportunity to book an appointment online, via OnceHub booking system. All online the bookings have to be paid in advance, according to this Booking Appointment Terms, except where expressly stated otherwise.

Free 15-minute Introductory call. Free introductory calls are meant for clients to introduce themselves and their problem and for Iuricorn to evaluate whether it is in our ability to help the Client or not. The call is not meant for answering your legal, tax, business or other substantive questions. In the introductory call, Iuricorn is not obliged and may not give any legal, tax, business or other advice. Iuricorn will merely give instructions to the Client how to proceed with the Client onboarding process to become a Client or refer him to an internal or external lawyer/attorney, to direct the client to booking an online legal advisory appointment, or similar. The call can last less than 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, the person assigned to your call may inform you of the time and finish the call. You can use the opportunity of this call only once for the introduction of the same client/project/business/problem. If the person, assigned to your call establishes, that the caller is seeking substantive advice or is abusing free calls, may terminate the call at any time.

30-minute and 60-minute meeting. The meeting are meant for clients who have legal questions and seek legal advice. After 30 or 60 minutes, the person assigned to your call may inform you of the time and finish the call.

Payment policy. Every paid call shall be paid in advance via PayPal or credit/debit card. In case of non-payment, the appointment will not be scheduled.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy. Clients can cancel the booking online. If you cancel the booking up to three (3) days before the meeting time, you will be entitled to refund 90% of the price paid. The 10% of fee is withheld for the payment of transaction fees, processing and administrative fees. If you cancel the booking within (less than) three (3) days before the meeting time, you will be entitled to refund 80% of the price paid. The 80% of fee is withheld for the payment of transaction fees, processing and administrative fees.

Clients can reschedule the meeting online. If you reschedule the booking up to three (3) days before the meeting time, your reschedule fee will be 2 EUR. If you reschedule the booking within (less than) three (3) days before the meeting time, your reschedule fee will be 3 EUR.

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