Legal Tech Library

The Biggest Legal Tech Library

After years of working in the field of technology law we have decided to create a database of legal and tech documents, which can be beneficial to everyone, including lawyers, developers, regulators, and anyone, wishing to access a place full of information about technology and connected legal documents.


The collection extends from legal to pure technology documents for different fields of law and technology, namely: Anti-money laundering, Esports, Egaming, Information security, Artificial Intelligence, Employment & automation, Algorithms, Agreements, Terms and Policies, Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Drones, Intellectual Property, Whitepapers, Security Token offering documents, Research Papers & Articles, GDPR, EU Legislative framework, etc.

Every category includes several other sub-categories and enable a visitor to search through the database easily and get all the relevant information in no time. All documents can be searched through.

The database is a result of our learning and work during all these years and we would like to give everyone an opportunity to be able to get the information they want, as quickly as possible. 

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