Iuricorn has the legal expertise, extensive experience in law and technology and sector insights to help you launch, fund, comply and grow your business. We specialize in the legal, business and tech advisory to all types of companies – from startups to large corporations. If your business model involves innovative technologies, such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and digital products or services, then Iuricorn is the right legal support for you.

Open your company in the best-fitted jurisdiction for your business model.

We provide top legal advising and compliance for your blockchain business.

Tailor-made, bullet-proof and compliant agreements, terms and policies.

We automated the process of intellectual property protection for you.

Let us study your business model and help you create the best strategy for it.

We will lead your way through the AML compliance and help you manage risks.

We help you raise the money you need for your idea or project.

We help you implement new payment methods and currencies

Harness the potential of blockchain technology for your loyalty programs.

Necessary and binding documents, your business must have, are just a call away.

Our experts will help you protect your data, intellectual property and relationships with clients, developers, partners.

Let’s make your business fully compliant with the GDPR.

Advising Egaming and Esports ecosystems on business and legal matters.


We help you solve any kind of issue, you might have or educate your management, the team and external workers.

Iuricorn provides extensive educational seminars, workshops, webinars and other tailor-made education.

We will answer all your questions regarding legal aspects of the AI.


We help you overcome the hurdles of startup company formations, engaging in venture capital and private equity, corporate governance issues, tax dilemmas, business plan and strategy development, etc. 

Mina is a legal professional with a great knowledge and experience in crypto sphere, GDPR and compliance. She undertakes every job, project or task with great enthusiasm and responsibility. She is definitely a great asset for every business or project.

Jaka Erjavec
Head of systems and technology Studio Moderna, LLC

We have been actively working with Mina since the beginning of 2018. She is very professional, reliable, yet creative in the search for legal solutions and strategies, always thinking 10 steps ahead. She is always on time and does not miss any deadlines, and herthe legal advice can always be 100% relied upon. She is different than other lawyers in her passion for work and her close cooperation with thea client is highly appreciated. She will find not only to find not only the best legal solution but also the best business direction for your project.

Silvo Rezec
Head of the Slovenian branch - KaratBars Edelmetall GmbH

Competent and professional partners are an essential component of a successful business. Mina is without a doubt one of them. My statement would be unfair if I did not mention her dedication to work, engagement and thinking beyond the average. Mina is not just a lawyer, Mina is an asset for the company.

Denis Markun
Founder & business developer - Highwater Ltd.

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