Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Machine Learning

  • October 11, 2019

“The field of artificial intelligence (AI) has progressively advanced over the past seven years. Slovenia possesses strong know-how in the field, several institutes and faculty AI research labs, internationally recognized scientists, researchers, and practitioners, but also commercial organizations, which promote theoretically and applied research and the implementation of AI technology to industrial and commercial environments. According to statistics, Slovenia is the country with the highest number of AI researchers per capita in Europe.”

Our CEO, Mina Kržišnik, contributed a research article to the Global Legal Insights – Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data. In the Article, she covered the topics of:
– Trends
– Ownership and protection
– Antitrust and Competition issues
– Governance
– Regulation and Government intervention
– Civil liability
– Criminal Liability and issues
– Discrimination and bias issues
– National security and military issues

Feel free to read the research on the application of AI, Machine learning and Big Data for SLOVENIAN jurisdiction:

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