Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

The areas where law and technology intertwine and are supported by our experts include blockchain technology and distributed ledger technology (DLT), new ways of crowdfunding and investing, trading, money remittance, storing data, and more. We help startups and corporations integrate blockchain and DLT technology to business processes, advise on tokenization of assets and create the tokenomics for your native token, take care of compliance of your virtual tokens, advise on smart contracts and smart contractual clauses, blockchain applicability in different sectors, internet of things and smart cities, legal issues related to smart contracts and prepare everything you need to raise money for your project.

We offer

For crypto exchanges and crypto trading platforms, advisory to OTC’s, brokerages, asset management platforms, payment processors and other financial institutions. Legal support in setting up a company, related to jurisdictions, licenses, internal policies, business models, etc. If you need a license for your business, such as MiFid ii, PSI, EMI license, or any of the national licenses, we are here to offer you full legal support.

Legal support and compliance related to fundraising (Initial coin offerings, Security token offerings..), angel investing, venture funding, etc.employee share schemes.

Tokenization architecture is important for every business model and we are the leading token architects in the field. We can offer legal and compliance support in tokenization of commodities, real estate, intellectual property, music, strategies for you token and business model, full compliance of crypto assets with regulation, comparative analysis of different jurisdictions, risk analysis and reporting, and more.

Advisory and preparation of White paper, Position paper, Technical paper, Overview paper, Business plan, terms, conditions, user agreements, cooperation agreements, management agreements, shareholder agreements, investment, recruiting, engagement of external advisors, employment, financial, etc.Preparation of internal policies, bylaws, terms and conditions

Legal research and comparative analysis of different jurisdictions, legal help in obtaining mandatory or desirable licenses (national or european, such as MiFid II, PSI, EMI, license for crypto exchange (fiat to crypto), license for digital wallet), money transmitter license, etc.)

Legal and compliance support regarding marketing, airdrops, reward campaigns

Legal advisory, document preparation and process setup for compliant due diligence of customers.

We will help you protect your intellectual property, and help you apply for a trademark and tradename protection, patent protection and protect your other IP rights.

We will also answer your questions regarding owning cryptocurrencies in connection to:

– insolvency law;
– inheritance;
– family law;
– enforcement law;
– tax law;
– financial Instruments Market Act;
– confiscation of Proceeds of Crime law;
– company law;
– initial capital in cryptocurrency.

Would you like to set-up a company and invest cryptocurrencies in your initialintial capital? No problem!

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies


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