Fintech, Regtech, Insurtech advisory & education

Iuricorn is dedicated to delivering strategic, legal and tactical support to business all across the financial technology spectrum, including traditional remittance brands, digital payment startups and companies, wallet entities and providers, blockchain-powered firms, AI powered financial services, fundraising events and investing opportunities, regulatory lobbying, implementation of the technology to the insurance sector, to name a few.

The Financial technology (FinTech) sector is driven by constantly evolving technology and a complex web of global financial regulation. The new technology aims to compete with the traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial products in means of improvements, automatization and optimisation of financial operations and processes, by utilizing special software, algorithms, smartphones, networks, telecoms, data, consumer rights.

The Regulatory technology (RegTech) is a field within financial technology and puts emphasis on regulatory monitoring, reporting and compliance, automates processes to ensure regulatory compliance. There is also a RegTech for supervisors, called SupTech or Supervisory technology.

The Insurance technology (Insurtech) refers to the use of technology innovations designed to assist in risk identification and mitigation.

The advances of all three rather new industry fields are reflected in many areas and are intertwined. The affect retail banking, crowdfunding, fundraising and investment management, borrowing, lending, insurance, streamlining of wealth management, money transfers/payments/remittances, creation and use of cryptocurrencies and more.

Iuricorn is here to answer all your questions regarding this field and help you develop the best strategy and tactics for your business model.

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Fintech, Regtech, Insurtech advisory & education

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Fintech, Regtech, Insurtech advisory & education


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