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Trademark protection is protected by intellectual property rules. It refers to safeguarding your rights to protect a trademark from infringement and counterfeiting. A trademark is consists of one or more of the following ingredients: a name (tradename), sign, logotype, shapes and colours, a citation, etc. An established or legally registered trademark identifies a manufacturer’s goods and provider’s services. The owner of a distinctive mark can apply to receive trademark protection. However, trademark protection also requires you to continually use the mark in commerce.

Our law firms serve clients as an Agent in this case, which means we will file an application for you and run the whole process from the beginning to the end, including the appeal process (if it comes to that). We currently offer to register a trademark in a certain number of European countries or you can choose to apply for the Community trademark (this trademark type covers and grants protecting throuought the whole European Union). You can also choose to apply for a trademark in one jurisdiction (the one you operate or another one), which will give you the priority right over someone elses application for the trademark in the same jurisdiction and on the European level.

We will help you protect your trademarks. All you have to do is choose, which kind of protection do you seek and in which jurisdiction, pay the application and agent fee, answer a few questions and you are all set. Currently we register trademark in Slovenia (Slovenian mark) or on the European level (community trademark).

Click “Register your trademark“, answer the questionairre, pay the fee and we will take care of the rest. Note, that legal fees you pay after submitting your request do not include intellectual property office fees (national fees).

IP office fees, which will need to be paid after the application process is finished, are the following:

Slovenia (250 EUR) – application fee for 3 classes (100 EUR) + registration fee for 3 classes 150 EUR. *10-years protection

Europe (850 EUR) – application fee for 1 class *10-years protection in all EU Member States

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Intellectual property

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Intellectual property


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