Category: Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency - Regulation

Cryptocurrencies Issued by Central Banks – Anonymity, Inflation, Stability

We discuss the latest report of the European Central Bank, in which the proof-of-concept for European central bank-issued cryptocurrency has been made.


What Are Stable Coins & How Do They Work? Is Libra a Stable Coin?

We will break down the myth of Stable Coins and talk about whether Libra is indeed a stable coin.

Cryptocurrency - ICO

What is an initial exchange offering (IEO) and differences with an ICO

The article aims to explain what is an Initial Exchange Offering, the benefits, and pitfalls of such event, and the difference with Initial Coin Offering.


Should your crypto business get E-money license?

Read about the purpose of the PSI and EMI licenses and in what cases your crypto business needs them.


EU Fight against Crypto-Related Financial Crime

Regulation and classification of cryptocurrencies, and efforts to mitigate risk of money-laundering, terrorist financing, tax evasion.


Non-Fungible Tokens From a Legal Perspective

Read about non-fungible tokens, their usability and legal implications.

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