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What You Didn’t Know About Security Token Offering

STO and ICO meet different needs and cater to different people. The choice of which to go for ultimately lies with the investor.


Proof of Practice (PoP)

Our story goes well back, in 2015, when our founder got her first Bitcoin from a friend. Read how we have developed over the years.


eSports – the rapid growth of a young but popular industry

This is an introductory post about the industry of eSports, the growth and its current challenges.


Crypto exchange insolvency – consequences for users

This is an article about how a liquidation of a crypto exchange affect users and their funds.


The Legal Challenges of Artificial Intelligence

Read about the development of the AI and its legal challenges.


Google fined 50mio EUR for GDPR breach

Google breached the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and got a fine of 50mio EUR by the French authorities.

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